Basic Link Building for Beginners

Anyone who has worked in marketing knows that link building is important. However, most people don’t know what it entails, or how it can impact sales and traffic. Thankfully, it is a rather simple concept and one that allows for a lot of personal styles as well.

Link building will include links to sites that add more information on your authority subject. So if you are writing about the properties of activated charcoal, you would include links to scientific studies, testimonials, or even affiliate link to purchase sites. All of these links would need to be relevant to your subject, ensuring that people want to click them.

However, the relevance is also important to improving your search engine rank. Google and other search engines don’t just look at the content of your website; they also look at the content of anything you link to. Linking back to yourself is okay, but it won’t get you as many points as linking to authority sites or other sites that Google finds to be relevant. For this reason, finding the best possible links is one of the most important parts of the search marketing.

It is important to take a significant number of factors into account when linking to a website. You can’t just link to the first option available, and you also need to link to the most relevant one. This may mean the one with the most social media shares, the one with the most information, the one with the best graphics, or even the one that is specifically designed to cater to a local area. Taking all of these into account will help raise your ranking.

It is also important to make sure that you do not have too many links, as link stuffing will get your penalized.

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