How To Avoid Craigslist And Find A Roommate

There are horror stories all over the place about Craigslist. From escort killers to postings meant to swindle people out of their cash, this is not an ideal place For Roommate finder when looking for someone to share a living space with. The great thing is that there are a few great alternatives.

Roommate finders that charge a fee would probably be a safe bet. This is because people who have to pay to access services are typically more legitimate than those that do not. The fact that they are willing to fork over some cash to find a roommate shows that they are serious and it is not likely they are trying to swindle you.

Ask those you know. Most people skip over this step when they are looking for those to share a home with. That’s unfortunate since it can be a handy resource. This means that you will probably end up living with someone who is dependable and reliable. The fact that they would be recommended by someone you trust is a great sign.

Go to a real estate agent to see what they have available. Even though most of these places focus on finding homes and apartments for people, sometimes they come across those who are looking for roommates. If you and another person are both interested in sharing a space, it is possible you could be introduced and encouraged to look at places together.

Finding someone to share space with can be dangerous and a complete waste of time, which is why you should try your best to avoid Craigslist and seek out other options. Using one of the ideas mentioned about would increase your chances of finding a room without all of the added hassles.

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