Republicans Vs. Democrats On Issues

There are two types of people to vote for generally, and they are Republicans or Democrats The Republican party tends to be a little more conservative, and Democrats tend to be more liberal. There are exceptions to this, but either way, you can learn how these parties work in our society.

In our country, there are always some people in charge of everything from one party or the other. If you think about it, this uneven distribution of power can lead to problems if the two sides are not going to work together to make things better. One significant problem, for instance, is that the President can be one party and then whoever is in Congress can be mostly from another. This means that whatever the President wishes to do will probably be shot down by Congress. It is this kind of thing that shows the weakness of this two party system that needs to be possibly updated.

A lot of people tend to think that voting for one party or another means that whoever gets the most votes overall from each person wins. In reality, your votes go towards what your state will go for, so if most people go for a Republican where you live it doesn’t matter what you vote for if you don’t go with what they did. Sure, you can increase the chance of someone winning on your side of the fence by voting, but you may not ever live to see the state where you live have the majority of its people vote a different way than they do now.

Republicans and Democrats are what the USA needs to make sure everything is somewhat fair according to what some people want. It’s a system that has varied opinions as to how effective it is. It’s best just to go with which candidates in elections speak to you and your needs.

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